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What Does B.U.D.S. Do?
With the tax-deductible donations that B.U.D.S. receives we are able to provide “New Parent Packets” to families who have children born with Down syndrome. This is extremely critical because the packets provide valuable information and resources to new families as they try to understand the “concept” of Down syndrome and how to care for a child that is not like the one they were anticipating.  B.U.D.S. is there to offer support, encouragement and personal experience to a family as well.  B.U.D.S. wants to help each family see that their child is still just as precious a gift but just a different gift in a different package.

With funds raised, tools have been purchased to further aid in our schools, libraries, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other environments. B.U.D.S. has been able to provide wagons, rocking chairs, child seats, adaptable tricycles, and educational packets to the various places mentioned above as a result of generous sponsorships at our annual Buddy Walk. B.U.D.S. strives to educate local hospitals and health care professionals about how to approach, diagnose, and help brand new families. In the last year, B.U.D.S. was able to purchase booklets about Down Syndrome to place in doctor’s offices to help provide information and reassurance to parents who learn prenatally that their baby has Down Syndrome. B.U.D.S. has also provided financial assistance to families so that they may attend  national conferences about Down syndrome and gain vital information to help their child and the community at large.  B.U.D.S. also helps with assorted support for major medical issues, or just the basics that come up during a family’s journey through the life process.

What is B.U.D.S. Planning for the future?
B.U.D.S. hopes to launch a program called “Changing Lives” in the very near future.  We want to meet with medical providers, nurses, doctors, pediatricians, OBGYNs, family practitioners, hospital directors and social workers by going into their environments and presenting them with information about how to handle a diagnosis of Down syndrome in a positive light when talking to a brand new family.  The focus will naturally be directed toward Down syndrome, but will also help the professional give thought to any brand new special needs diagnosis for any new family.  It will give them a new perspective of what it is like to be on the other side of that diagnosis and just what goes on from that family’s perspective.  Along with each presentation we will provide current literature and facts that are up to date, with the latest cutting edge research and statistics available.

With each new child born and every new experience presented, B.U.D.S. is finding new ways daily to be a better resource in North Alabama for Down syndrome advocacy and awareness. There is so much that we have ahead of us we have only just begun!  With each new opportunity for growth a new opportunity arises that we never even dreamed of.  There are so many needs that we are seeking to meet.

None of this would be possible without tax deductible donations that are used for all of this and so much more. The Buddy Walk is currently B.U.D.S. only annual fundraiser.  We have had an amazing response each year and funds raised have enabled us to continue providing support and resources to families in North Alabama.

Kristin Davis (256) 777-6239; Khdavis04@gmail.com

Julie Lightsey, Jlightc@mchsi.com
Vice President

Email: BUDS@budsonline.org