B.U.D.S. Member Mini Grant Application

B.U.D.S will offer Mini-Grants of up to $500.00 to each individual with Down syndrome annually (January - December), as determined by the Board Members of B.U.D.S.

To qualify for the available funding, you must do at least ONE of the following:

  • Attend at least 3 board meetings.
  • Volunteer, for a minimum of 3 hours, for BUDs. Examples would be helping with the Buddy Walk, organize family activities, coordinate Moms’ nights or Dads’ nights, etc.
  • Bring in at least $500 in sponsorships for the Buddy Walk.

Members that have met the participation requirement are eligible to submit only one application per calendar year per family member with Down syndrome. Families with more than one individual with Down syndrome may apply for multiple grants, but the requirements for each grant must be fulfilled. Grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis until available money is gone.

Once the Mini-Grant budget has been exhausted, no additional funding will be available until the following year, contingent on available funding. Payment will be in the form of either reimbursement, with proof of payment being submitted to a B.U.D.S Board Member, or proceeds being forwarded directly to the provider of the service.

Funding will be available in the following areas:

  • Educational Resources or Equipment Examples: Costs for DS conferences/workshops, DS educational books, Signing Time DVDs, Talk Tools Supplies, payment towards purchase of communication devices, technological resources (apps), safety equipment, etc.
  • Recreation/Therapeutic Activities: These activities may include, but are not limited to, dance, yoga, swim, karate, art, music, day camps, overnight camps, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or other activities that build skill, strength and/or self-confidence.

If you have a question about whether a resource, service, or activity qualifies please email the B.U.D.S. Board.

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